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RCA+ Exhibitor Virtual Training Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Caroline Avier
Hello everyone, could you please explain the ice breaker session principle?
Jackie Janus-RCA
Hi Caroline! Yes- it will be covered in this webinar. Stay tuned in a few minutes and we can cover specific questions at the end.
Jackie Janus-RCA
All booth staff needs to be registered through the RCA+ vendor registration link. Once they are registered, they're information will be sent to Pathable and everyone registered will receive an invite next week. Each individual registered from your company will receive "edit" capabilities to your company in Pathable.
Caroline Avier
Any requirements for zoom necessary?
Caroline Avier
such as use it from browser vs downloading the app?
melanie breitner
are you pushing this out via LI so we can promote as well?