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ACTS Evaluation SIG Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Shannon L. Casey
That is very interesting!! Thank you - look forward to reviewing more closely.
Tim Beebe
Will these slides be shared?
Joe Hunt (he/him)
Thank you for the question, Tim. Yes, the slides will be made available.
Shannon L. Casey
Could you please comment on who was involved in creating these amazing rubrics/pathways in Learning Health Systems? A concerted effort led by whom? Any tips on how to support the effort as an evaluator?
Shannon L. Casey
Thank you!!
Liz Swift DiMaria (Columbia CTSA)
1) [for all] we are a comment from our ctsa external advisory board noted that we could consider a different name for this initiative because patients (key stakeholders) might not be able to understand what this is by name. Have any of you considered alt. branding/naming? Some investigators/providers likely also face the same issue (which speaks to why agreeing on a singular definition at the outset was so crucial!)2) for Cheryl at VICTR - the fixed resources you described in your initial structure pyramid, are those CTSA-funded services? or a collaboration of services provided by partners across the health system / vumc? [Tim is asking about this now!]3) Columbia Univ. CTSA and our health system partners are launching our (official) LHS initiative this year and would love to connect with this SIG to learn more !
Titus Schleyer
Great questions, Liz!
Titus Schleyer
The branding is certainly an issue. LHS is somewhat overused, but I don't know that there are a lot of better alternatives out there.
Titus Schleyer
Re 3) Yes, please get in touch with us either as the group or individually. Happy to help!
Shannon L. Casey
Can we have another full hour to discuss this?? Would love to hear more strategies and efforts and barriers and see more successes!!
Titus Schleyer
Re: Shannon: "no good deed goes unpunished" :-)
Arnita L. King
I agree with Shannon. I would love to see a part II of today's presentation.
Titus Schleyer
There are certainly lots of details to discuss …
Lisa Welch
At Tufts, we're using the term "Patient-Centered Learning Health System". While this doesn't unpack the 'learning health system" phrase, it does indicate that patients are at the center, which may be more appealing to patients and providers.
Titus Schleyer
Cheryl's road at the end looked curvy but smooth … but that certainly was not the case for us. Lots of ups and downs - C19 not being the last of them :-) .
Liz Swift DiMaria (Columbia CTSA)
Thanks all! Agree that a round 2 on this would be great! :-)
Cheryl Gatto
indeed... thank you Lisa!! you help wrangle this little group very effectively!! :)
Titus Schleyer
For another hour, we should do prior crowdsourcing of topics … otherwise it will be 10 hours!!!!
Titus Schleyer
Yeah, Sarah!!!!!
Lisa Welch
Thank you Sarah and all the presenters!
Arnita L. King
Thank you for today's presentation!
Tim Beebe
This has been great. Thanks!
Denise Daudelin
Thanks everyone, this is a great learning opportunity!
Yonjong Choi
Thank you for the presentation!
Rechelle Paranal
Thank you!