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ASBMR Student Cohort July Program: "Navigating Career Paths - Industry" - Shared screen with speaker view
Spencer Tye
How do we find career resources for non-conventional STEM industry careers? every career resource center I've been to has very obvious "options," such as if your degree is in Genetics, look for a career in "genetic counseling." they all seem like really bad advice and they never cover options that aren't obvious like government, nonprofit, consulting, etc.
Lisa Merrill
Do you have the opportunity to mentor/teach young scientists in industry? If so, how does it differ from doing so in academia?
Spencer Tye
the problem I'm having is that I don't know who to make personal connections with though. and I don't know what the positions are that are available since there aren't resources that aggregate that info it seems.
Rachelle Johnson
https://www.biospace.com/ may be a useful website to explore for alternative industry career resources
Angelo Guilatco
How do you build a track record/reputation in industry when the bulk of your research cannot be fully disclosed or published due to confidentiality?
Ernesto Solorzano
What kind of extracurricular activities do employers find valuable in future employees? Are entrepreneur programs/activities of interest?
Spencer Tye
I'm not looking to be recruited though, I'm looking to determine what my options for career paths are and how I can prepare for certain ones I'd be interested in. linked in is a good choice to find a job, it doesn't seem to be great at learning more about options available to me.
Spencer Tye
that's not my question. I don't want to learn about a specific career. I'm looking for some kind of aggregated resource that has information about a bunch of career options.
Matthew Carson
Do companies in industry have exhibitor booths at conferences where they recruit potential employees? Also do biotech companies have reimbursement programs if an employee wants to pursue an MBA?
Bethan Davies
If you don’t check off all the desirables on the job description, how open is industry to training you up? Similarly, can you still be trained in techniques that interest you when you work in industry, or only if it related to the project/ pipeline you’re working on?
Spencer Tye
is there some type of aggregated resource on a wide variety of careers in industry? something that does not involve having individuals from single jobs approaching me to recruit me.
Kristina Astleford-Hopper
Kind of related to Bethan’s question; if you have a background in basic biology, is it difficult to get involved with clinical research in industry?
Ernesto Solorzano
Is there currently a need for PhDs in biomedical sciences? In the past some of my colleagues were worried about being overqualified when going into industry.
Bethan Davies
How do/ did you find adjusting to a change in project if a pipeline is dropped (e.g., due to toxicity etc.)? How do you park your curiosity as a scientist?
Bethan Davies
Thank you!
Nicole Sekel
Thank you!
Ernesto Solorzano
Thank you for you time!
Lisa Merrill
Thank you for taking the time to help us understand the field better!
Trinity Samson
Thank you very much!!!
Kristina Astleford-Hopper
Thank you!
Adriana Carvalho
Thank you very much!
Gabrielle Robinson
Thank you very much, this was helpful !
Rachelle Johnson
Thank you so much for all of this information, Dr. Barbarash! We appreciate you sharing your experience with all of us!
Nadine Robert
Thank you so much for sharing your experience in industry with us!
Angelo Guilatco
Thank you!
Paloma Almeida
Thank you !
Jimmie Roberts
Thank you for your time! Quite informative!