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Location, Location, Location: GIS-Centric Strategies for Keeping Your Community Informed & Engaged in Planning


Oct 14, 2021 12:43 PM

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Timothy “Tim” Oliver
Chief Information Officer (IT/GIS), Horry County Local Government, South Carolina
Tim has more than 30 years’ experience in local government (10 years in Rock Island, IL, and 20 years in Horry County, SC). He is currently the CIO for Horry County. All line of business applications (deployment, ongoing support, web development, and GIS) are under his direction. The team being a part of the IT/GIS department has provided the opportunity to ensure GIS is core to all line of business applications. Horry County’s GIS-centric line of business applications and intrinsic GIS has enabled the county to make amazing strides in integration of the GIS technology. Currently the focus is on delivering GIS technologies on mobile platforms, with the goal of cross-platform development reducing the need for OS-specific development and maintenance of the applications. The Horry County team is currently focused on going paperless from cradle to grave on documents in the county. They are also using UAV’s (drones) for disaster assistance and mitigation and stormwater purposes.