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Culturally Engaged Supervision in Genetic Counseling
Learning Objective #1
Define culturally engaged supervision and its importance in the supervision process

Learning Objective #2
Examine communication as a fundamental strategy to facilitate culturally engaged supervision

Learning Objective #3
Reflect on personal communication style and the impact on the supervision process

Please share a brief outline of how you will utilize the hour webinar time.

1) Present current literature on cultural engagement in supervision and definitions and supervision competencies that support its' importance. Didactic via powerpoint. 2) Discuss communication and the opportunities and challenges it presents in facilitating cultural engaged supervision. Didactic via powerpoint. 3) Introduce a communication style assessment for participants to take individually and then facilitation of a large group discussion about how this impact the supervision process.

Speaker #1 (Name, email, organizational affiliation)
Krista Redlinger-Grosse, redli009@umn.edu, University of Minnesota

Speaker #2 (Name, email, organizational affiliation)
Ian MacFarlane, macf0010@umn.edu, University of Minnesota

Oct 26, 2022 11:00 AM in Central Time (US and Canada)

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