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ISTAT Learning Lab: A Technical Look at Low Boom Supersonic Travel


Oct 19, 2021 09:31 AM

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Norris Tie
Co-founder and CEO @Exosonic
Since childhood, he has been passionate about making the world smaller through faster transportation. In pursuit of this mission, Norris studied aerospace engineering at UCLA. He spent three years working in the aerospace industry as a propulsion engineer, all on vehicles that break the sound barrier, such as SpaceShipTwo and NASA's X-59 low boom demonstrator. After his time in industry, he determined low boom supersonic travel was the future and attended Stanford's Graduate School of Business to found Exosonic with his co-founder and CTO Tim MacDonald. Now they're on the mission to provide supersonic travel everywhere by muting the sonic boom.
John Morgenstern
Head of Aerodynamics and Boom @Exosonic
Joined McDonnell Douglas commercial advanced design in 1988 and became their Sonic Boom Lead in 1990 working on NASA’s High Speed Research program. He joined the Lockheed Martin Skunk Works in 1997 to work on a commercial Quiet Small Supersonic Transport (QSST), DARPA’s Quiet Supersonic Platform (QSP) including F-5SSBD (shaped sonic boom demonstrator), NASA’s N+3 Supersonic, N+2 Supersonic and LBFD. He developed low boom, low noise and efficient methodology and designs, including authoring many reports, papers and 20 patents. He joined Exosonic in April of 2021.