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Hands-on Workshop: Machine Learning and Neural Networks (9-part Course)
In this 9-part, hands-on webinar, participants will gain a strong understanding of the basic principles of machine learning and neural networks. Each session, outlined below, will offer practical applications of machine learning models to image-based applications. Instructor Rajesh Sharma, of Walt Disney Animation Studios, will help participants build intuition around a topic and reinforce that with related mathematics. You’ll walk away with the ability to apply those foundations to engineering solutions using available tools.

1 - Intro to Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Google Colab, and Data Processing (8 June)
2 - Regression, Feed-forward Neural Networks, and Classification (10 June)
3 - Image Data and TensorFlow, Autoencoders (12 June)
4 - Denoising Autoencoders and Convolutional Neural Networks, or CNN (15 June)
5 - Variational Autoencoders (17 June)
6 - Transfer Learning and Facial Recognition (19 June)
7 - Recurrent Neural Networks, or RNN (22 June)
8 - Generative Adversarial Networks, or GAN (24 June)
9 - Reinforcement Learning (26 June)

This is an Intermediate-level workshop. No equipment or software installation is needed, and the instructor will use Google Colab (Jupyter Notebook-like Python IDE) that has everything (TensorFlow, NumPy, pandas, seaborne, Maplotlib). There will be some homework but no large assignments.

• Basic Python programming knowledge
• High-school level linear algebra
• High-school level probability and statistics
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