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Current applications and future innovations for somatic testing in oncology care
Learning Objective #1
Examine features and access of ctDNA/somatic testing in oncology care

Learning Objective #2
Define the relationship between somatic and germline testing

Learning Objective #3
Illustrate new applications using ctDNA across the continuum of cancer care

Learning Objective #4
Summarize how genetic counselors can adapt skillsets as the somatic testing space as it evolves

The Webinar will provide a brief overview of somatic testing background and applications in oncology care, while highlighting the differences and complements to germline testing GCs are familiar with. We will then highlight future applications of somatic testing across the cancer continuum and highlight how GCs can adapt their skills to work in such evolving settings.

Speaker #1 (Name, email, organizational affiliation)
Leslie Bucheit, lesliebucheit@gmail.com, Guardant Health

Speaker #2 (Name, email, organizational affiliation)
Kali Chatham Dougherty, kalindougherty@gmail.com, Foundation Medicine

We will address how access issues to somatic testing are exacerbated in the oncology treatment setting.

Oct 20, 2022 12:00 PM in Central Time (US and Canada)

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