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Using OR Quality Disinfection to Ensure Patient Safety During In-person Care
Avoiding routine and emergent healthcare concerns can be dangerous and life threatening. Regrettably, due to lack of confidence in disinfection protocols at ambulatory care centers, clinics, and other healthcare locations, many people have been doing exactly that.

Avoidance of care has multiple negative impacts: for the patient, long term health repercussions as the condition worsens; for the clinician or hospital, seeing fewer patients has revenue implications; for the insurance company, increased costs as issues go untreated. These can all be mitigated by ensuring patients are safe during in-person care.
Join us and find out how new disinfection technology and protocols safely brings patients back to in-person care, while at the same time reducing your operating costs.

Learning objectives include:
1. Understanding how infection control is a critical step to operating cost reductions.
2. Learn how data can be used to better understand, act on and prevent infection risks.
3. Learn key methods for effectively and efficiently future-proofing healthcare spaces against the spread of common illnesses.


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